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About Etracky

www.etracky.com is a dotcom venture of Rede Technologies (P) Limited. Interestingly REDE stands for Radical, Excellence, Dedication and Energetic.

Radical : We endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction as our essential business requirement

Excellence : We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the goods and services we provide

Dedication : We commit that all our products and services we provide are reliable

Energetic : Active character by involvement and action.

RedeTechnologies is a dynamic and fastest growing Chennai based business house, providing world class GPS / GPRS / Wireless Remote solutions in India.

Rede Technologies is a part of Rede Group (www.rede.org.in) which operates in different business sectors such as Networking and Tele-Communications, Information Technology and Electronics Engineering.

The business operations of REDE Technologies are widely spread across Singapore and are currently expanding its operations in UAE and Bahrain.

REDE Technologies was incepted early 2009 to support and focus its expertise to facilitate the development GPS, GPRS and Wireless segments globally.

REDE Technologies, your ultimate solution provider on tracking information, indeed originated from Metinc Graphic Systems who provides solutions for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Designing and Manufacturing for the past thirty years. Karthie Kumar is the founder of Rede Technologies who heads the Group as Managing Director with his strong expertise in various areas including Information Technology & Human Resources Development. Pani who heads our Singapore Office as Head Of Operations, with his 12 years of strong experience in Information Technologies and his multi-faceted skills has enabled him endure great heights in his career. He takes care of the East Asian operations and he is also responsible for our Software Development Centre

Our Products

  • Project Title

    Basic Tracker

    Basic Vehicle Tracking Unit equipped with state of the art GPS receiver provides reliable,...

  • Project Title

    Advance Tracker

    Advance Vehicle Tracking Unit consists of a built-in GPS receiver, GSM modem and battery for,...

  • Project Title

    Latest Tracker

    The unit enables the vehicle owners or third parties to track the location of a Truck,...

  • Project Title

    Intelligent Tracker

    Serial Port for External data Acquisition (RFID readers, Energy meter, LED digital,...

  • Project Title

    Mobile Tracker

    Track Kids, Sales, Service,Mark Client Places, Retail Outlet, Service Stops and Customers stores on the map.,...

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